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EBAA Physician Resource Center

The Eye Bank Association of America consists of member eye banks, and member physicians. One of the unique features of EBAA’s structure, and the greatest strength of our culture, is the depth and breadth of collaboration between eye bankers and physicians. They serve as equal members of all EBAA committees and governing bodies, and EBAA tradition holds that the Chair of the Board alternates between a physician and an eye banker. 

EBAA has a wide variety of resources, documents, education, and events to help physicians better treat their patients, and, if serving as an eye bank’s Medical Director, to more effectively evaluate ocular tissue and eye bank operations.

Please see the links and information below to review all of EBAA’s offerings.

Important Links

Paton Society Membership
EBAA’s membership category specifically for corneal surgeons grants physicians access to all of EBAA’s member resources, plus discounted a subscription to CORNEA  $75/year.

Eye Donation Month
Held every November, EBAA increases public awareness for corneal donation and transplantation and commemorates the work of eye bankers, physicians, and others in  the eye donation community.

EBAA Research Grants
EBAA members can apply for research grants ranging from $5,000 to $100,000 to advance the science of ocular therapy and transplantation.

Find an Eye Bank
EBAA member eye banks can be found across the United States and around the world. Use this link to find an eye bank near you and to check on their accreditation status.

Accreditation Information
Since 1982, EBAA’s Accreditation Program has been the gold standard to ensure the safety and effectiveness of eye bank operations.  Learn more about how our policies and processes contribute to the best possible patient outcomes.

Reimbursement Advocacy
These resources were developed by EBAA and AAO to help you secure the reimbursement to which you are entitled.

R. Townley Paton Award
Each year this prestigious award is given to a corneal surgeon for their service to EBAA and the donation and transplantation field. The awardee presents a Paton Lecture during the Cornea and Eye Banking Forum.

Value of Community Non-Profit Eye Banks
EBAA developed tools to promote the importance of non-profit eye banks. This campaign highlights the various reasons to partner with your local non-profit eye bank, including a sense of community, establishing relationships, and high-quality ocular tissue.

The Lens – EBAA Community Platform 
EBAA released The Lens in early 2021. This “community platform” allows EBAA members to engage, interact, and learn from one another. It also replaces EBAA’s former list servs.

Documents and Publications

Governing Documents
We are guided in our mission by our governing documents, which have been drafted and carefully are regularly refined to reflect the current state of our profession and to anticipate future needs of members and the patients they serve.

Statistical Report
Every Spring, EBAA publishes the profession’s most comprehensive statistical report of eye banking and transplantation data collected, from EBAA-accredited eye banks.

EBAA Medical Standards and Procedures Manual
The EBAA Medical Standards and Procedures Manual is maintained by the Medical Advisory Board and is essential to ensuring that quality, safe tissue is processed at all eye banks.

International Journal of Eye Banking (IJEB)
IJEB is a periodic, peer-reviewed, open access online journal. It is the first and only journal dedicated exclusively to eye banking; physicians and eye bankers can submit abstracts to the journal for publication.

COVID-19 Resources
Throughout the pandemic, EBAA has been compiling relevant and timely alerts and information regarding COVID-19.

Year in Review
EBAA releases its annual report each year highlighting the work of the association, our members, and the donation and transplantation field.

EBAA Events and Education

EBAA Annual Meeting
Held each June, EBAA’s Annual Meeting includes educational, networking and governance sessions, including the Medical Advisory Board meeting, the Medical Directors Symposium and our Scientific Symposium.

Physician Leadership Program
Held biennially, this program is a unique opportunity for physicians in the early stages of their careers to increase their knowledge of eye banking. Eye banks must nominate the physician for the program. The next program will be held in 2022.

Cornea and Eye Banking Forum
Jointly hosted with the Cornea Society and scheduled to precede the AAO Annual Meeting, this one-day scientific and educational event is a favorite among physicians, as we present a full day of innovative and exciting research from across the world.

Calendar of Events
For easy access to EBAA’s upcoming events, utilize our Calendar of Events.

Share Your Expertise with the EBAA!

In addition to the abstract submission for the Scientific Symposium and the Cornea and Eye Banking Forum, there are speaking opportunities available for physicians throughout the year.

Opportunities include:

  • EBAA Annual Meeting
  • eyeLEARN procedure videos – New!
  • Webinars
  • Recorded presentations
  • Cornea and Eye Banking Forum

If you are interested in speaking at an EBAA meeting (outside of the abstract opportunities that are available), please complete the Physician Speaker Interest form.


Access free sessions below, and explore eyeLEARN, EBAA’s online education portal, to see all that it has to offer!

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Prevalence of Persistent Corneal Epithelial Defects in Chronic Ocular Graft-Versus-Host Disease
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