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About EBAA

Founded in 1961, the Eye Bank Association of America (EBAA), is the world’s oldest transplant association and is the nationally-recognized accrediting and standards setting body for eye banks. EBAA is a 501c3 association of non-profit US and international eye banks, and the corneal surgeons they support.

EBAA primary members are eye banks, which procure, evaluate, and prepare ocular tissue from deceased donors for transplant, education, and research. EBAA member eye banks provide tissue for more than 85,000 corneal transplants each year and an additional 23,000 corneas for education and research. Since 1961, EBAA member eye banks have provided tissue for more than 2 million sight restoring, life-changing corneal transplants.

EBAA also has a membership category for corneal surgeons. The Paton Society offers unique educational and information-sharing opportunities to physicians specializing in corneal transplant, and strengthens the relationship between these surgeons and the eye banks from which they receive tissue.

Since our inception, EBAA has been committed to ensuring the best possible outcomes for transplant recipients. We established the transplantation community’s first set of Medical Standards, to establish best practices from first contact with the donor family through post-surgical follow up, along with an eye bank accreditation program to ensure these Standards are adhered to.  EBAA also certifies eye bank technicians to enhance their skills, knowledge and professionalism.

The field of eye banking and corneal transplantation is constantly evolving, with innovations coming from within and outside the association. EBAA offers numerous educational programs, through conference, seminars, webinars and self-study programs, to ensure that eye bankers and physicians are drawing on the most current knowledge about tissue preparation and transplantation techniques.  We also publish the international Journal of Eye Banking, a peer-reviewed journal covering all aspects of the profession.


Around the world there are an estimated 12 million individuals suffering from poor vision or blindness that could be corrected by corneal transplant. Our mission is to restore sight worldwide.

Corneal transplants are made possible by donated ocular tissue from deceased individuals.  While these prople are often referred to as “eye donors”, they typically only provide their corneas – the clear, dome-shaped surface covering the front of the eye. Although technology is rapidly developing, artificial corneas are not available for transplantation; the gift of sight depends upon the altruistic donation of corneas from one human to another. Learn more about eye donation and how almost anyone can be a donor regardless of religion, blood type, age, eye color, or vision quality.


EBAA is governed by a Board of Directors, consisting of experienced eye bank professionals and corneal surgeons. EBAA depends on the time and expertise of countless volunteers who serve on various Boards and committees.  Our staff are headquartered in Washington DC and are committed to serving our members and helping them succeed.

Ongoing Campaigns and Observances

Throughout the year, EBAA hosts a variety of campaigns and observances in support of our mission to restore sight worldwide.

“Safety First. Innovation Always.” EBAA-Accreditation Campaign
To emphasize the value that EBAA accreditation offers to corneal surgeons and the patients they care for, we launched our “Safety First. Innovation Always.” campaign to capture the spirit, motivation, and progress that is synonymous with EBAA and our accredited eye banks.

Eye Donation Month
Each November, EBAA observes Eye Donation Month to increase awareness and education about cornea donation and transplantation. It is also an opportunity to show gratitude to selfless cornea donors and their families who make it possible to restore sight, and celebrate cornea recipients whose lives have been forever changed and enhanced thanks to the gift of sight.

EBAA Celebrates 60 Years
This year, EBAA celebrates 60 years of leadership and innovation in the eye banking and cornea donation communities. EBAA is proud to celebrate our Diamond Anniversary; throughout the year we will highlight numerous accomplishments, resources, and services that the association has provided over the years.

Resources About EBAA and Eye Banking

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