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In 2015, nearly 50,000 Americans had their sight restored through cornea transplantation surgery.

You can transform the life of someone suffering from corneal blindness; register to be an eye, organ and tissue donor, and let someone see life through your eyes.

Kailee Vigen was not yet two when a Christmas tree needle pierced her right eye. The pine needle had to be surgically removed, and Kailee’s eye became infected. Despite constant monitoring and numerous eye drops, her cornea had trouble healing, and for several years Kailee struggled with recurring infections, swelling, and cloudy vision.

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Born with a corneal defect, Florentino was told he would be completely blind by age 25.  Teased and bullied, he had few friends as a child.   Florentino underwent transplant at age 25.  “Now that my eyesight is restored, I am not afraid anymore; not afraid to do anything.”   He is now a chef at a local restaurant and is engaged to his fiancé Inelda.

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“My cornea transplant gave me my life back”

– John C., Cornea Recipient

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