EBAA benefits from a large number of dedicated volunteers whose service on EBAA Committees helps advance the Association’s mission.


Accreditation Board

  • Conduct site inspections of eye banks to ascertain an appropriate and current level of compliance with EBAA Medical Standards.
  • Advise eye banks in corrective actions to meet these standards.
  • Report in an advisory capacity to the Medical Advisory Board on accreditation issues which impact current standards.
  • Submit accreditation policies which advance eye banking to the Board of Directors.


Constitution & Bylaws Committee

  • Interact with the administration and legal counsel through the President/CEO.
  • Ensure that the Bylaws serve the best interests of members of EBAA.
  • Periodically review and revise the Code of Ethics and distribute to membership.
  • Review membership applications and advise the Board of Directors on their compliance with EBAA requirements

Continuing Education Committee

  • Evaluate educational opportunities for proficiency in eye banking standards and practices.
  • Set consistent standards to ensure the the rigor objectivity of continuing education units (CEUs).

Donor Development Committee

  • Offer education programs in the area of hospital development.
  • Report to the Annual Meeting Planning Group with programming ideas for EBAA Meetings.
  • Provide tools and resources for eye banks to encourage registration and donation.

Exam Committee

  • Administer examinations for technical certification.
  • Develop items for examination appropriate to the expected knowledge and skill level of the applicants.

Finance Committee

  • Assist the President/CEO in the development and implementation of an EBAA budget.
  • Recommend financial policies and strategies that reflect EBAA’s changing needs.

Legislative & Regulatory Committee

  • Review relevant federal legislative and regulatory issues and to develop recommendations, as appropriate, concerning legislative policy and its application to eye banking.
  • Monitor state legislation to identify trends and develop recommendations on appropriate policies for adoption by member banks.
  • Unite and direct members for participation in grassroots campaigns.

Medical Advisory Board (MAB)

  • Establish medical standards to ensure safe and effective tissue for corneal recipients and caring and respectful care for donors and their families.
  • Policy & Position Research Subcommittee
    • Conduct detailed investigations of specific issues for the Medical Advisory Board’s consideration.
  • Medical Review Sub-committee
    • Review adverse events and document their occurrence; Monitor the efficacy of medical standards and their effectiveness regarding disease transmission.
    • Monitor specific issues as directed by the Medical Advisory Board and develop outcome measures for performance and outcome improvement.
  • Technical Procedures Manual Subcommittee
    • Review the EBAA Procedures Manual and update as necessary.

Quality Assurance Committee

  • Offer education programs in the area of Quality Assurance.
  • Report to the Annual Meeting Planning Group with programming for the EBAA Meetings and webinars.

Research Committee

  • Review and recommend research grant proposals for funding by EBAA.
  • Encourage new investigation in eye banking.
  • Develop peer-reviewed literature to advance principles of corneal transplantation and eye banking.

Scientific Programs Committee

  • Develop, coordinate and conduct the EBAA Medical Directors Symposium and Scientific Symposium at the Annual Meeting.
  • Assist with the development and expansion of educational programs and services which will attract and retain physician participation in EBAA.
  • Review and select scientific papers for the EBAA Scientific Symposia.
  • Develop scientific sessions on corneal transplants for presentations at other academic forums.

Statistical Report Committee

  • Review the EBAA’s annual Statistical Report and ensure accuracy and relevance of information.
  • Assist in the development of data collection surveys to assist EBAA on policy development.

Technician Education Committee

  • Offer education programs for skill development and acquisition of technical knowledge and practice.
  • Develop programs that advance and recognize the role of the technician in eye banking.