Medical Standards / Procedures Manual

Medical Standards

EBAA’s Medical Standards are a guide to eye banks to ensure strict adherence to approved medical policies and procedures. The original Medical Standards, written by Drs. James Aquavella, Frederick Brightbill, Donald Doughman and Jay Krachmer, were adopted in 1980 to formally standardize eye banking procedures. Since that time, EBAA’s Medical Advisory Board has updated them regularly, typically twice a year, to ensure they include the most current eye banking standards. These standards are American Academy of Ophthalmology-approved.

Procedures Manual

This manual is an operational guide to the Medical Standards, and establishes clinically-accepted, baseline practices for each eye banking procedure. In the late 1980s, an ad-hoc Procedure Manual Committee created the manual to serve as a framework upon which each eye bank develops its own personalized set of procedures.

This manual presents one set of broad procedures believed to be compatible with the EBAA Medical Standards. Each eye bank should develop its own unique set of procedures, which are compatible with EBAA Medical Standards.


As part of ongoing efforts to ensure tissue safety and quality worldwide, EBAA has made its Medical Standards and Procedures Manual available to international organizations free of charge.

To request the Medical Standards and/or the Procedures Manual, please complete the form below. All requests will be reviewed and responded to within two business days.

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Please note: EBAA’s Medical Standards is an English-language document that corresponds to regulations for Eye Banks in the United States, and is updated regularly. To verify that you have the most-recent version, please contact Jennifer DeMatteo, EBAA Director of Regulations and Standards. Translations may not reflect the EBAA’s intent. EBAA’s Medical Standards do not replace local standards in other countries.