Board of Directors Expectations and Position Descriptions

Board Member Expectations


All board members, regardless of their position or role, will be expected to perform certain duties and fulfill certain expectations, both individually and as a group. These responsibilities ensure the association’s successful functioning and continued relevance to our members and our profession.

    • Board human resources:
      • Strategic selection of board members
      • Board member development
    • Set EBAA’s strategic direction
    • Ensure adequate resources:
      • Financial
      • Human
      • Structural
    • Performance oversight:
      • Programmatic
      • Financial
      • Strategic
    • Advise and support President & CEO
    • Approve termination and hiring of President & CEO as needed
    • Represent and make decisions based on the best interests of the association and the profession, rather than those of a specific eye bank or constituency
    • Be informed and knowledgeable about the association’s mission, services, policies, and programs
    • Arrive prepared for board meetings, having reviewed and understood background materials
    • Review and understand organization’s financial statements
    • Attend and participate in all board meetings and functions
    • Serve on assigned board committees
    • Promote the organization within and outside the association
    • Suggest possible nominees to the board
    • Follow conflict of interest and confidentiality policies
Desired Attributes
    • Balance of strategic and analytical thinking
    • Strong leadership/motivational skills
    • Facilitation capabilities to encourage all to participate in discussion
    • Deep understanding of EBAA’s mission, vision and values
    • Openness to alternative viewpoints
    • Mentoring skills
    • Broad perspective on all aspects of eye banking and corneal transplantation