2021 Eye Donation Month

Eye Donation Month

2021 is the 60th Anniversary of the Eye Bank Association of America (EBAA) and the creation of Eye Donation Month is one of the biggest milestones of our six decades. Begun in 1983 and held each November, it is an opportunity to put a spotlight on the 12 million people worldwide suffering from blindness that can be restored with a corneal transplant.

The purpose of Eye Donation Month is to:

  • Raise Awareness about cornea donation and transplantation
  • Honor the gift of sight given by selfless donors and their families
  • Celebrate cornea transplant recipients living their fullest lives thanks to the generosity of donors
  • Educate about eye donation and encourage individuals to register as donors

Continuing Theme – A Community of Compassion

This year we continue to celebrate “A Community of Compassion” – the many people working together in various roles who support the EBAA mission to #RestoreSight worldwide. This year, we’re especially focused on the passion element of “compassion” – not only the passion to restore sight, but the passions and stories of donor heroes, and the passions recipients are able to fully explore and pursue thanks to the gift of sight.

Take a look at these three videos telling different stories about the impact of the gift of sight:

  • An update on Zoe, the adorable face of 2020 Eye Donation Month. See how she continues to grow and explore her passions
  • Byron’s story: Learn about Byron, as told by his wife. Byron was passionate about science, teaching, and art. As a donor, he allowed two other individuals to fully pursue their passions
  • Sandie’s story: Sandie is a grateful recipient of bi-lateral corneal transplants. Her gifts permit her to continue her life’s passions – work, travel, singing, and reading

Materials and Resources

EBAA has developed a wide variety of materials and resources that can be customized and used during the month-long observance in November. To view and download the resources, access the Dropbox link in the button below.

Share Your Stories with Us!

There are hundreds of inspiring stories about cornea donation, transplantation, and the amazing gift of sight. Using this year’s theme of “A Community of Compassion,” we’d like to spotlight individuals involved with or impacted by eye donation and the restoration of sight, from start to finish. Remember to check out EBAA’s donor and recipient stories that are available on our website. Share your stories with us today!

You have the power to give someone the gift of sight by registering as an eye, organ, and tissue donor today!

To access the materials from the 2020 campaign, click here.

For questions or more information about Eye Donation Month, contact the EBAA Office.