R. Townley Paton Award


The R. Townley Paton Award is the Eye Bank Association of America’s highest honor for corneal physicians. This award is presented annually to an ophthalmologist in recognition of his/her outstanding contribution to eye banking and EBAA. Since 1982, esteemed corneal physicians who exemplify the precepts of R. Townley Paton, MD, the father of modern eye banking and the founder of the first eye bank established in the United States, have received this notable award.

Each year, during the EBAA/Cornea Society Fall Educational Symposium, the Paton Award recipient is presented with the award, and presents a Paton Lecture, for which the topic is related to corneal transplantation, clinical research or other areas specific to the ophthalmic community.



2016 R. Townley Paton Award Recipient: Mark A. Terry, MD



Pictured: 2016 R. Townley Paton Awardee, Mark Terry, MD, with past Paton Awardees

R. Townley Paton, MD Award Recipients

2016: Mark A. Terry, MD
2015: George Rosenwasser, MD, CEBT
2014: W. Craig Fowler, MD
2013: Naoshi Shinozaki
2012: Jonathan H. Lass, MD
2011: Alan Sugar, MD
2010: Woodford Van Meter, MD
2009: Thomas D. Lindquist, MD, PhD
2008: David B. Glasser, MD
2007: Henry Edelhauser, PhD
2006: Michael Hettinger, MD
2005: Doyle Stulting, MD, PhD
2004: Wing Chu, MD
2003: Marian Macsai, MD
2002: Edward J. Holland, MD
2001: Paul J. Dubord, MD
2000: H. Dwight Cavanagh, MD, PhD
1999: Kirk R. Wilhelmus, MD, MPH
1998: William Reinhart, MD
1997: Joel Sugar, MD
1996: Mark J. Mannis, MD
1995: Richard Lindstrom, MD
1994: William Bourne, MD
1993: Arthur Boruchoff, MD
1992: Richard C. Troutman, MD
1991: Jay Harold Krachmer, MD
1990: Walter Mayer, MD
1989: Donald Doughman, MD
1988: Frederick Brightbill, MD
1987: Busharat Ahmad, MD
1986: Claes Dohlman, MD, PhD
1984: David A. Paton, MD
1983: Lawrence B. Holt, MD & Herbert Kaufman, MD
1982: Alson E. Braley, MD