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Leonard Heise Award

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The Leonard Heise Award is presented to non-medical eye bankers in recognition of their outstanding devotion to the Eye Bank Association of America’s development and for exemplifying the precepts of Leonard Heise, a major contributor to the fight against blindness and one of the EBAA’s founders. This award is given annually during the Annual Meeting.


Congratulations to the 2017 Leonard Heise Award recipient:

Dave Korroch, CEBT

Chief Executive Officer
Lions Medical Eye Bank and Research Center of Eastern Virginia


Now accepting Nominations for the 2018 Leonard Heise Award!


Nominees for the award must meet the following requirements:
  • Individual must have been associated with an EBAA accredited eye bank for at least 10 years.
  • Individual must have made significant contributions to eye banking at a national and/or international level, as well as at a local level.
  • Individual’s nomination must be supported by at least one of the following from the nominee’s eye bank: Board President, Executive Director and/or Medical Director.
  • Individual’s local, national and international contributions to the EBAA and eye banking must be noted in the nomination.
Since nominees are not always well known to members of the Heise Committee, decisions may be made based on contributions as detailed in the material submitted. Comprehensive information that outlines a nominee’s contributions is helpful.  To re-nominate an individual whom you nominated in the past, send an updated letter of support for that individual from the Executive Director, Medical Director or Board President of his/her eye bank to Stacey Gardner.


Application Deadline: October 2, 2017


Nomination Form


EBAA congratulates Dave Korroch, CEBT, the 2017 Leonard Heise Awardee! He is pictured here with past Heise awardees.


Past Heise Awardees
  • 2016: Bernie Iliakis
  • 2015: Jackie Malling
  • 2014: Doyce Williams
  • 2013: Bradley Tennant
  • 2012: Jason Woody
  • 2011: Bruce Varnum
  • 2010: Dean Vavra
  • 2009: Monty Montoya
  • 2007: Brenda Horn
  • 2006: Linda Fraser
  • 2005: Barbara Crow
  • 2004: Florence Johnston
  • 2003: Gerald J. Cole
  • 2002: Mary Beth Danneffel-Mandelkorn
  • 2001: Ginger Miller
  • 2000: Patricia Dahl
  • 1999: Marilyn Lindenauer
  • 1998: John Requard, III
  • 1997: Mary Jane O’Neill
  • 1996: Frances Hughes
  • 1995: Ellen Heck
  • 1993: Fredrick Griffith
  • 1992: PID Gene Polgar
  • 1991: Donna Oiland
  • 1990: Margaret Kelm
  • 1989: C. W. Temples
  • 1988: Emile J. Farge, PhD
  • 1986: Jake Watson
  • 1985: Y. T. Abernathy
  • 1984: A. Howard Snyder
  • 1983: W. M. Goldfinch
  • 1982: Orville Gauthier
  • 1981: R. Kenneth Hudgins
  • 1980: Geraldine & Leroy Skouby