Value of Community Nonprofit Eye Banks

These tools were developed to help you initiate meaningful conversations with all of the individuals and groups with whom you work.  These include your surgeons, hospital administrators and recovery partners, as well as media, government officials, and other members of your community.





In order to be most effective in having this conversation we recommend taking the following steps: start the conversation, engagement, and ongoing awareness.

Start the conversation

  • Share internally at staff meetings, in emails or newsletters.
  • Add to your website – both the brochure and video can be customized to include your eye bank information
  • Contact the surgeons, hospitals and recovery partners that you work with; schedule time to meeting with them individually to discuss your working relationship, any notable successes or areas of concern and ways to strengthen or deepen your relationship. Include the brochure with your invitation letter or during the meeting and show the video to spark the conversation.
  • Use these materials with your local media or elected officials when you reach out to them to promote community news or activities involving your eye bank.


  • Plan your meeting to focus on your partner’s needs and concerns. Use the video to introduce the benefits of working with a local nonprofit eye bank, but don’t make the conversation about your bank, except to describe how you’re able to serve their needs.
  • Identify specific steps that both parties can take to address any concerns or sources of friction. Be sure to respond quickly and positively to any issues that they raise.

Ongoing Awareness

  • Include these resources in emails or press releases to the media.
  • Present these materials to your Board of Directors, distribute them to your financial supporters and sponsors, and to other community organizations you might work with
  • Share on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or YouTube.

Please contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or if you would like to discuss ideas on how to use these resources.

Customize Resources for Your Eye Bank
The brochure is suitable to use as is, but can also be customized to include your eye bank’s logo and other information.  Be sure to use high-resolution images of your logo; instruct your printer to insert graphics directly above the EBAA logo.

The brochure file above is designed to be professionally printed.  If you’d prefer to print the brochure in your office, download and print this file instead. Use a heavier paper stock for best results.

You can also add your logo, along with a call to action, to the end of the video.  Unless someone on your staff has these specific skills, you’ll want to work with a video editor in your community.  They will need the following information to match our fonts and colors:

Font: Humanst521 Cn BT
Color: RGB code – 42 55 130

You can also contact Colleen Bayus, Communications Manager, to have our graphic designer add your logo or text to the video for a fee.