Streamlined Board Structure

Streamlined Board Structure

Desired Outcomes

The Board will be comprised of eleven voting members, with an emphasis on personal and professional diversity.  Its smaller size will foster more active discussions and increase accountability.  Nominations will be sought according to agreed-upon skills and attributes, determined by the issues expected to face the profession in the coming years.  We will strive for contested races for every open position.

Actions To Be Taken

  • Move to a competency-based system, which identifies specific skills and attributes that are needed on the board based on the association’s strategic direction and on issues and challenges expected to confront the profession, and actively recruits candidates with those competencies.
  • Solicit nominations based on a list of attributes against which board candidates will be measured.
  • Draft a board diversity statement to ensure that the board is reflective of the overall community.
  • Identify and recruit the best people possible that match the then-current and future board talent needs.
  • The Chair may invite other individuals external to eye banking to participate in the Board’s discussions if they possess needed experience or viewpoints not available among sitting Board members.


  • The Board will be comprised of the following positions: Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, Speaker of the House, MAB Chair and six At-Large positions; all except MAB Chair will be elected by the members. The Immediate Past Chair and the President-CEO will serve as non-voting, ex officio members.
  • The Board will scan its environment annually to determine the skills and attributes needed to best serve the profession. These skills and attributes will be included in the call for nominations.
  • The Board will draft a statement that emphasizes the value of diversity in four areas (experience, roles, approaches and demographics) among Board members. This statement will be reviewed and updated regularly, and achievement of these goals will be included in the Board’s self-assessment.
  • The Board will use the board member attributes list, board diversity statement, EBAA strategic plan and board assessment process to conduct an annual gap analysis to create profiles of desired candidates.

Practical Implications

  • The Board’s discussions will be more robust. With fewer members, all will be more engaged in its deliberations.
  • The Board’s discussions will be more informed. By seeking members with specific skills or experience, the Board will have access to the information it needs to reach the best possible decisions.
  • More members will be encouraged to consider Board service. Publicly identifying the attributes needed among Board members will increase transparency, establish expectations for service, and enable more EBAA members to envision themselves serving on the Board.
  • Board elections will offer more choices. The commitment to offering contested races will give EBAA members more choices among their candidates, which will help shape the association’s vision and direction.