Increased Strategic Focus

Increased Strategic Focus

Desired Outcomes

The Board will dedicate the majority of its time to considering issues of strategic importance to the profession.  Board meetings will be notable for their open, honest and thorough discussion of the topics that will have the greatest impact on eye banks and corneal surgeons.

Actions to Be Taken

  • Identify strategic issues of importance to the entire profession, and place them on its meeting agendas.
  • Restructure its agendas to emphasize these topics while considering administrative issues separately from the Board meeting or as briefly as appropriate through the use of a consent agenda.
  • Dedicate time during Board meetings for open discussion of strategic issues without the expectation of reaching decisions. Relieving the pressure to decide encourages participants to explore alternatives more thoroughly.
  • Require committees, taskforces, and individual Board members tasked with finding solutions to present several alternatives for discussion rather than one recommendation for approval.
  • Conduct its meetings privately, so Board members can speak openly and the conversation flows without interruption.


  • The Chair and CEO, with recommendations from all Board members, will develop an agenda that addresses EBAA’s current and impending concerns and opportunities. The agenda, with supporting background information, will be distributed to all Board members in advance of the meeting so they can consider the issues and prepare their thoughts.
  • The Chair and CEO will distribute reports from committees and staff, operational updates and related administrative items to Board members in advance of the call, for approval on a consent agenda.
  • The Chair, or a designee, will open discussion for a set period of time by summarizing the materials provided and asking questions designed to initiate conversation and consideration of alternatives. At the conclusion of the established time for discussion, the Board will determine if it is prepared to reach a decision or if it requires more information or deliberation.
  • The Board’s deliberations will be shared by the Speaker of the House to detail the substance of the background materials, the issues considered during discussion and the Board’s conclusions. This will help illustrate the process as well as the outcome.

Practical Implications:

  • Board meetings will be more productive, as more time will be dedicated to discussing issues of importance.
  • The Board will deliver more value to EBAA members as it spends more of its time addressing substantive issues.
  • Board members will have the opportunity to share their viewpoints and draw on diverse perspectives while conducting Board business.
  • EBAA members will be better informed about the issues facing the profession and the Board’s responses.