Improved Board Processes

Improved Board Processes

Desired Outcomes

Board positions will have clearly defined responsibilities and expectations, and the Board will draft a Governing Mission Statement to guide its work and will form a Board Governance Committee to monitor its functioning.  All Board members will participate in on-going orientation and training sessions.

Actions to Be Taken

  • Establish a Governance Committee charged with monitoring Board operations to ensure that it maintains a strategic focus in its deliberations and communicates effectively among Board members, with the membership at large, and with the CEO.
  • Create clear position descriptions for all Board roles; these will be shared with all members, including prospective candidates for office, and will be used to evaluate the Board’s performance.
  • Meet more frequently, in private sessions. The substance and outcomes of Board meetings will be communicated to EBAA members by the Speaker of the House.
  • Hold annual, in-person training and orientation meetings to include all Board members.


  • The Governance Committee will be comprised of the following positions: Chair, Chair-Elect, Speaker of the House and two additional members, appointed by the Chair and voted upon by the Board. The President-CEO will serve as a non-voting member.
  • The Governance Committee will evaluate the Board’s operation and performance following and between all EBAA meetings. These evaluations will be shared with a facilitator to develop training and orientation sessions to be held every August.

Practical Implications

  • The Board will maintain its strategic orientation. The Governance Committee’s regular, on-going review and evaluation of the Board’s processes will help ensure that the desired outcomes are achieved.
  • Board members will better understand and fulfill their roles and responsibilities. The use of defined position descriptions, on-going training and Governance Committee oversight will help keep Board members focused on their roles and responsibilities.
  • Board deliberations will be more open and forthright. The presence of a gallery in Board meetings can unintentionally cause Board members to be more guarded or circumspect in their comments and contributions.  Feeling comfortable expressing one’s true thoughts are essential to active and honest exchanges of ideas.
  • Members will better understand the Board’s processes. Because the Speaker of the House will report on Board meetings, members will obtain more context and understanding of the Board’s decisions and the context surrounding them.  Member can follow up with the Speaker to better understand areas of concern or confusion.