International Journal of Eye Banking

EBAA proudly publishes the International Journal of Eye Banking, a periodic, peer-reviewed, open access online journal. As the first and only journal dedicated exclusively to eye banking, the Journal pursues interdisciplinary papers regarding the profession as a whole, not only those specific to clinical or scientific subjects, such as:

  • Fundamentals of eye banking
    • Public education
    • Facilities and equipment
    • Personnel
    • Donor referrals and case coordination
    • Tissue recovery, processing, evaluation, suitability, storage, distribution, final destination
    • Donor eligibility
  • Quality
  • Oversight (regulatory, legislative, medical, and legal)
  • Education (especially offering continuing education)
  • Best practices
  • Research and laboratory investigations
  • Analyses of donor corneal tissue related to transplantation
  • Statistical updates
  • Cost-effectiveness/value-based medicine
The editorial team consists of an editorial board and reviewers composed of eye bankers and corneal surgeons, which include:

Editorial Board

Patricia Dahl, Co-Editor
Ellen Heck, Co-Editor
Beth Binnion
Chris Hanna
Bennie Jeng
Steve Kaufman
Jennifer Li
Mark Mannis
Linda Martin
Michelle Rhee
Namrata Sharma
Chris Stoeger
Joel Sugar
Jayne Weiss
Kevin Corcoran

Manuscript Submission

Manuscripts for review may be submitted online or sent by e-mail or; prior to submission, the author should:

  1. Read and review the instructions carefully. Articles not submitted in accordance with our policies must be immediately rejected. Refer to the Submission Checklist.
  2. Ensure that one author is designated as corresponding author.
  3. Remove identifiers from the title page.
  4. Follow these formatting guidelines.
    • Submit manuscripts in English.
    • Format text to 8½ x 11-inch (or similar-sized ISO standard) paper with at least a 1-inch (approximately 2.5 cm) margin on all sides.
    • Do not justify the right margin. Double space all text. Use the Times New Roman font, point size 12.
    • Files must be saved as Microsoft Word; please submit only files with .doc extensions.
    • When you use italics, change the font accordingly.
    • Do not underline except when using URL addresses for a website.

To learn more, or for more information on paper submission, please visit the Journal’s website.