MJO Fellowship Host Eye Bank Information

The EBAA is currently looking for a member eye bank to serve as host for the EBAA Mary Jane O’Neill Fellowship in International Eye Banking for a one week period during June 2020.

PROGRAM GOALS: To provide medical or technical personnel from the international community of eye banks with the skills necessary to develop, operate, and maintain a successful eye banking program. This fellowship is targeted toward eye bank staff in underserved areas, and provides intensive one-on-one instruction in the setting of a functioning EBAA-member eye bank.

PROGRAM DESIGN: The Mary Jane O’Neill Fellow will “intern” in an active eye bank setting for one week, observing and participating in the various functions and activities which relate to a successful eye banking program, such as: administrative, public relations activities, technical procedures, medical chart review, DRAI, recovery, processing, preservation, and distribution. The host eye bank will work closely with EBAA to ensure realization of the goals of the program.

RESPONSIBILITIES DURING FELLOWSHIP: During the Fellowship, EBAA and the host eye bank work together to meet program goals and to cover the Fellow’s costs, related to the program. Below, you will find the responsibilities of EBAA and the host eye bank during the Fellowship. In the past, our host eye banks have generously sponsored the Fellow during his/her internship with the eye bank. If you are not able to meet all listed criteria for sponsorship, please let EBAA know what services you are able to provide for the Fellow.


  • Secures all travel arrangements for the Fellow during the Fellowship, including flights, visa, and passport assistance;
  • Provides transportation and living expenses during the EBAA Annual Meeting;
  • Ensures suitable accommodations for the Fellow during the EBAA Annual Meeting;
  • Provides travel insurance, and mobile phone;
  • Covers all meeting registration fees that EBAA has approved as related to the Fellowship.


  • Provides accommodations and living expenses while Fellow interns at host eye bank;
  • Designs a training program for the internship that follows the criteria established by EBAA;
  • Arranges transportation to and from the airport in the city of the host eye bank; secures a contact for the Fellow during the EBAA Annual Meeting;
  • Some past host eye banks have also planned a couple of fun extracurricular activities while the Fellow is in the host city.