Jachin Misko Memorial Scholarship

Sponsored by Saving Sight and Numedis

The Jachin Misko Memorial Scholarship for Technical Advancement in Eye Banking will bring a highly-motivated technician from an EBAA member eye bank to the Technician Education Seminar in Tampa, Florida. The scholarship will provide up to $2,000 to cover travel, registration, and lodging costs to attend the TES.


Throughout his career at Saving Sight and in the field of eye banking, Jachin Misko proved himself a leader in technical innovation. Fueled by a passion for excellence and desire to seek out improvements in the technical processes of eye banking, Jachin’s work directly impacted the lives of thousands of corneal transplant recipients.

His accomplishments at Saving Sight were many. He was a pivotal leader in establishing a DSAEK cutting lab and procedures. Operationally, he streamlined processes for preparing donor tissue for distribution to surgeons. Jachin’s leadership skills were apparent to others outside of Saving Sight, as he was also a leader within the Eye Bank Association of America, serving on the Exam Committee, Continuing Education Committee, Medical Review Subcommittee, and Medical Advisory Board.

The Jachin Misko Memorial Scholarship for Technical Advancement in Eye Banking honors Jachin’s legacy by supporting other eye bank technicians who exhibit a passion for excellence in eye banking and a promise for advancing our industry.

  • The individual must be nominated by the Executive Director or President of an EBAA member organization using the form below.
  • The nominee must submit a personal statement stating personal objectives for the seminar and the reason(s) he/she would benefit from attending the seminar.
  • The candidate must meet the following requirements:
    • Is currently working at the eye bank in a technical role.
    • Has worked at the eye bank for at least one year.
    • Has demonstrated leadership skills in his/her current role at the eye bank.
    • Has a passion for eye banking and being an innovator in the profession.
    • Has a promising future in eye banking.
2018 Jachin Misko Memorial Scholarship Recipient:

Scott Van Oss, CEBT, Iowa Lions Eye Bank