Technician Recertification

Technicians who have passed the Certified Eye Bank Technician (CEBT) Exam, are certified for three years. After the initial three year period, it is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that their CEBT status does not expire. To obtain recertification, an individual must do the following:

  • Obtain 16 Continuing Education Credits, and at least one confirmed attendance from two of the following courses during the three year certification period:
    • EBAA Technician Skills Workshop;
    • EBAA Medical Advisory Board Meeting;
    • EBAA Medical Directors Symposium; and/or
    • EBAA Scientific Session (includes Scientific Symposium and the Cornea and Eye Banking Forum)
  • Submit a Recertification Application postmarked by December 31st of the year certification expires.
  • Include required recertification fees.