Eye Donation Month


Eye Donation Month – Coming November 2018

(Formerly National Eye Donor Month)

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Since it was proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan in 1983, EBAA has used the month as an opportunity to educate the public about the importance of registering to be a donor, about cornea donation and transplantation, and to acknowledge the important work of our member eye banks.

The Power of You!

Call for Stories: What’s Your Power?
We all have stories—now is the time to share them! In preparation for Eye Donation Month in November, EBAA is collecting stories to help fill our month-long awareness and education campaign with from-the-field stories that illustrate The Power of You. Share what it means to be involved with or impacted by eye donation and restoring sight!

  • Donor families: With grief can come joy. Have you worked with a family who championed their loved one’s last wish of giving sight? Did one of your family members give one of life’s most meaningful gifts? Please tell us about your journey!
  • Recipients: We’ve all seen videos of heart-recipient fathers walking their daughters down the aisle or witnessed the reaction of a child the moment a cochlear implant was turned on. Now it’s time to celebrate the restoration of sight. Please share with us what being able to see again has meant to you and your family!
  • Researchers: How has your decision to become an eye researcher made a difference? Tell us what inspired you to pursue a career in eye research, what you’ve helped the medical community understand, or how your research today will help thousands more see tomorrow.
  • Healthcare professionals and partners: Are you the nurse, hospice worker or funeral director who works with families to help them understand what cornea donation means? Are you the one who makes the call to an eye bank to get the process started? Or are you a recovery technician or transplant surgeon who literally carries the gift of sight from one to another? Share how it feels to stand in your shoes by sharing your experiences!
  • Eye bank staff: Successful eye donation depends on relationships, and your career choice has put YOU in the middle of this gift-giving circle. What’s your secret? Tell us how you brought the right people together, inspired a donation, informed a recipient of a life they might not have realized was possible, or encouraged a healthcare professional to say, ‘I’m in!’

All stories can be submitted online through July 31. EBAA may invite some submitters to share their stories on EBAA’s Facebook page during Eye Donation Month, via video. Other stories will be used in emails, newsletter articles and in social media posts.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments regarding Eye Donation Month, please contact Yolanda Raine, Communications Manager.