Safety First. Innovation Always Accreditation Campaign

EBAA eye bank Accreditation campaign

Established in 1981, EBAA Accreditation is the gold standard for eye banking. Recognized by FDA, CDC and other federal agencies, this program ensures consistently safe, quality ocular tissue by confirming that our Medical Standards, which are endorsed by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, are consistently followed by all eye bank staff.  EBAA Accreditation is open to all entities that perform one or more eye banking functions, regardless of their EBAA membership status.

In countless surveys over the years, corneal surgeons reported that EBAA Accreditation is one of the most important criteria they consider when choosing an eye bank for obtaining ocular tissue for transplants. Similarly, EBAA members consider the EBAA Accreditation program our most valuable service.

In our continuing effort to support our members’ needs and interests and to emphasize the value that EBAA offers members, we are embarking on a marketing campaign for our accreditation program. The purpose is educating corneal surgeons about the nature and rigor of our accreditation program. Developed in collaboration with a healthcare communications firm and drawing on extensive research and focus groups with eye bankers and physicians, the campaign tagline “Safety First. Innovation Always” captures the spirit, motivation, and progress that is synonymous with EBAA and our accredited eye banks.

Additional resources and information will be added to this page in the coming months. Please contact Jennifer DeMatteo to learn more about EBAA Accreditation or Colleen Bayus to learn more about the Safety First. Innovation Always Campaign.

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What is EBAA Accreditation
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Why EBAA Accreditation Matters
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ebaa accreditation – the gold standard