Position Description: At-Large Director


At-Large directors do not have a specific list of duties, although specific duties may be assigned from time to time by the Chair. At-Large directors serve the board’s strategic needs at any given time. Their diverse experience, background and knowledge is a collective asset on which the entire board, as well as staff and committees, can draw. At-large directors have the same responsibility to shape and promote the association’s mission as any of its officers. There will be a total of six At-Large Directors on the Board.


Desired Attributes – Individual

Desired attributes for individual Board members will change based on the circumstances, opportunities and challenges facing the profession at any given time. These will be identified by the Governance Committee and approved by the full Board of Directors. In addition to those attributes, At-Large Directors should also possess:

    • Innovative thinking
    • Creativity in identifying opportunities and in developing responses
    • Knowledge of specific aspects of eye banking and corneal transplantation or of their specific area of interest (if expertise lies outside of eye banking)
    • Experience working with individuals within and outside of the profession
    • Understanding of the forces and influences affecting the profession
Desired Attributes – Collective
    • Collaboration with other board members
    • Curiosity and inquisitiveness
    • Inclusive perspective on profession and its members
    • Knowledge of all aspects of eye banking and corneal transplantation
    • Diversity of experience within eye banking
    • Diversity of demographic criteria (age, gender, role within eye bank, experience in profession, etc.)