Eye Donation Month: Social Media Graphics

Eye Donation Month is Everywhere

Join our interactive social media campaign, Eye Donation Month is Everywhere, to spread the word about the transformation of sight restoration throughout the whole month of November. Take a photo featuring your Eye Donation Month button – it can be in front of a local landmark, or in your everyday life (on your gym bag, hat, etc.) Write a caption explaining where it is and why. Post it to your social media and tag EBAA (@RestoreSight) so we can share it! Be sure to use #eyedonationmonth on all social platforms!

Social Media Resources

These resources can be used to develop and plan your organization’s social media efforts.

Facebook Graphics

The Facebook “profile picture frame” is available on Facebook. You DO NOT need to download it. To access the profile picture frame: Log into your personal Facebook account. Click your profile picture and select “update profile picture.” Click “add frame.” Type “eye donation month” in the search field under “choose a frame.” Select “Eye Donation Month” by Eye Bank Association of America. Click “Use as profile picture.”

The Facebook “camera effect” can be added using this link on your cellular phone. If you’re using a computer, it will send a notification to your Facebook app on your phone.Take your photo, and click next. Then add it to your News Feed, Facebook Story, or both!

Profile Picture Frame


Camera Effect

Instagram Graphics

Instagram graphics/stickers will be available for use in Instagram Stories as Eye Donation Month gets closer.


Animated Sticker



Facebook Banner (820×360)

Twitter Banner (1500×500)

Web Banner (1500×480)

Additional Posts

Twitter Post

Icons for Social Posts