March 2019 Webinar: The Office of the Medical Examiner: What You Need to Know

March 2019 Webinar: The Office of the Medical Examiner: What You Need to Know

March 20, 2019 at 1:00 PM Eastern

Join us on March 20 at 1 pm Eastern for the webinar, "The Office of the Medical Examiner: What you Need to Know."

Mary Case, MD, the 2016 EBAA Gift of Sight Recipient, will be discussing the role of the Medical Examiner and the relationship that has been developed with Mid-America Transplant. Also speaking during this session is Debbie Lanter from Mid-America Transplant, discussing the relationship from the eye bank's perspective.

The speakers will also discuss some of the more common challenges that are encountered when preserving the integrity of the death investigation, as well as ensuring that donation is possible. Register today!


Mary Case, MD, is the Chief Medical Examiner in the Office of the Medical Examiner in St. Louis County, Missouri. Dr. Case has a BA from the University of Missouri and received her medical degree from the St. Louis University School of Medicine. In 2016, Dr. Case received the EBAA Gift of Sight Award for her work in ensuring donation is an option for the deaths that fall under the Medical Examiner’s jurisdiction in St. Louis and the surrounding counties. As a result of her tireless support of donation, the Office of the Medical Examiner work in cooperation with Mid-America Transplant to ensure even complicated deaths are still considered for donation.
Debbie Lanter is the Medical Examiner/Coroner & Hospital Services Specialist for Mid-America Transplant. She has been involved in eye banking for the past twenty-five years and has performed a number of different of roles in the organization  throughout that time. Debbie’s current role focuses on developing partnerships with Medical Examiners, Coroners, and Hospice to establish effective systems for increasing non-hospital referrals for eye and tissue donation.



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