EBAA Women in STEM 2021

February 11 is designated as “International Day of Women and Girls in Science” by the United Nations. Because EBAA has so many amazing women throughout our membership and within our organization, we decided to take a full week (February 8 – 12) to highlight just a few of the women doing incredible work and blazing a trail for the next generation in the world of eye banking.

Marian Macsai, MD
Medical Advisory Committee
Eversight, Medical Eye Bank of West Virginia

Dr. Marian Macsai first remembers her interest in science perking up in the 6th grade. She recalls a school project about genetics that involved fruit flies that got her hooked. Another memorable project was an independent study comparing pollution on the Chicago side of Lake Michigan to the opposite side to evaluate a nuclear power plant’s impact on water temperature.

Amy Lin, MD
Medical Director
Utah Lions Eye Bank

Dr. Amy Lin was born into a science-minded family. Her father was a physician and her mother a pharmacist, so they always encouraged Amy’s scientific interests and emphasized the importance of academics and doing well in school. Both parents were immigrants; wanting Amy to have every opportunity to succeed, they knew staying ahead of the curve with her studies was key.

Shannon Schweitzer
Executive Director
Lions Eye Bank of West Central Ohio 

Shannon remembers developing her love of science during 9th grade biology class in high school. Her interest was unexpected, as neither of her parents have scientific backgrounds, and up until that point, none of her other science classes really resonated with her. But after she was assigned a class project involving a 3D model of the cell – she was hooked.

Michelle Rhee, MD
Medical Director
The Eye Bank for Sight Restoration 

Dr. Michelle Rhee had an atypical path into science and medicine. Until young adulthood, her focus was on the arts – specifically piano. Her mother is also a pianist and encouraged her interest and talent with the instrument. Michelle herself strived for musical excellence, as she spent her summers performing at musical festivals and the school year attending Juilliard’s pre-college program.

Kristen McCoy
Vice President of Surgical Applications
Miracles in Sight 

When she was a student, Kristen McCoy was always interested in biology and dissection. She remembers bringing her parents to see some of her dissection projects when she attended college in Dayton, Ohio. While her mother was excited by her work, Kristen’s described her father’s response by saying, “He thought it was unusual, but was still extremely supportive.”