EBAA Veterans 2021

EBAA is fortunate to have many Veterans working throughout our member eye banks, whose military experience benefits them as eye bankers, and contributes to our mission to #RestoreSight worldwide. Because we have so many Veterans to honor, we’re taking the full Veterans Day week to salute their service.

Here are some of their stories.

Sergio Romero
Army; E6 Staff Sergeant
San Antonio Eye Bank 

Sergio Romero’s military and civilian careers have included a wide variety of interesting experiences.

After graduating from Texas A&M in 2008 with a biology degree, Sergio found it difficult to find employment that pertained to his credentials.

Jessica Bramow
U.S. Marine Corps; E-4
Iowa Lions Eye Bank 

As a high school senior of barely 100 pounds, Jessica Bramow admits that she wasn’t what you’d typically picture when you think of a U.S. Marine! However, she had an older sister who enlisted in the Marines and encouraged her to do the same.

Jim Quirk
U.S. Navy; Petty Officer 2nd Class
Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley 

Upon graduating high school, Jim Quirk knew he wasn’t ready for college. His Dad was an Army Officer, but Jim had grown up on boats and around the water in Delaware.

Dr. Bob Phillips
U.S. Air Force; Major
Advancing Sight 

For Dr. Bob Phillips, the decision to join the military was an easy one – he was required to. He clearly remembers his notice arriving in the mail during his senior year of medical school and it read, “You have been allotted to the U.S. Air Force…” and he was off!

Lori Pederson
U.S. Air Force; Technical Sergeant E6
Lions Gift of Sight 

Lori Pederson describes herself as “a little renegade” when she was young. Her parents wanted her to focus on computers as a career, but she just wasn’t interested.