Carson Sumpter

Carson Sumpter

Cornea Donor - A Life Well Lived

Carson Sumpter did more in his 17 years than most people can do in 70, as a brother, musician, athlete, a friend, and a beam of sunshine for his family. In July 2010, he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Osteosarcoma.

He responded to his diagnosis with an “attitude is everything” perspective, baffling doctors and nurses as they reviewed his scans and x-rays. Carson defied science, continuing to live a “normal teenage life,” including marching a full season of football halftime shows, attending school, playing in the church praise band, and performing with his garage band, including the highlight show of his life—opening for American Idol Taylor Hicks.

He was to leave another legacy by being an eye, organ and tissue donor when he received his driver’s license. Carson’s gift gave sight to two others, and helped his own family heal as they realized the magnitude of his gift. As a donor mom, Kim encourages others to make the critical decision to be an eye, organ and tissue donor, furthering her son’s legacy.

Submitted by Alabama Eye Bank