Chair-Elect Candidate: Kevin Ross, MS, MPH

President and CEO, Eversight

Candidate Bio

Kevin W. Ross, M.S., M.P.H., joined Eversight in 1990 and was named President and CEO in 2007. He has led the organization through significant growth and change, including international eye bank development and a new Eversight establishment in Seoul, Korea. In earlier roles, he developed the Midwire software platform while serving as Vice President, Information Systems, and led the implementation of a $2.5 million tax-exempt bond issue to finance the Eversight Ann Arbor headquarters and lab facility as Vice President, Finance.

Mr. Ross serves as Treasurer of the Eye Bank Association of America (EBAA), and as a member of the EBAA Medical Advisory Board. Other roles include Chair of the Gift of Life Michigan Advisory Board, and eye bank liaison to the Cornea Preservation Time Study. He holds master’s degrees in computer science and public health from the University of Michigan and is a longstanding member of the Ann Arbor (Host) Lions Club and the Michigan Alumni Pep Band.

Candidate Statement

I have been involved for many years in sensitive issues of interest to all members of the Association: Medical Standards, research studies, FDA regulation, cornea reimbursement, Bylaws, membership, dues formula, vote allocation, strategic planning, governance, leadership development, plasma dilution.

My interest is in sustaining the capability of nonprofit eye banks to deliver the human gifts of eye tissue for sight restoration, research and education—especially in the current environment of changing technology, rising expectations, and destructive competition. We will need to work together as physician and non-physician professionals, to improve, innovate, and fund services for the benefit of individual patients and society as a whole.

My commitment is to honor and continue the work of colleagues who taught me how to be an eye banker. The prevalence, richness and depth of such relationships within the Eye Bank Association is our greatest strength. As Chair-Elect or in other roles, I will respect and connect with individuals and organizations throughout the Association to advance the interests of our profession.

Prior Service
  • EBAA Board 2011-present
  • Medical Advisory Board 2010-present
  • Finance 2010-present
  • Constitution and Bylaws 2004-present
  • Medical Review Subcommittee 2004-2010
  • Statistical Report 2008-2010
  • Information Systems 2003-2008
  • Meetings 2004-2006
  • Data and Network Communications 1996-1998