At-Large Candidate: Jason Brosious

Jason Brosious

Executive Director, Central Ohio Lions Eye Bank
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Candidate Bio

Jason Brosious has his master’s in nursing and has spent nearly twenty years in eye banking. He has served on the constitution and bylaws committee, medical advisory board, technician education committee, policy, and position subcommittee, EK subcommittee, melanoma subcommittee, and the EBAA board of directors. Also, Jason is currently serving as chair of LCI’s Lions eye bank workgroup.

Candidate Statement

I have spent nearly twenty years in eye banking serving at all levels of the clinical eye banking experience. I was on the EBAA board of directors as we made the most sweeping change to the board of directors. Now as the executive director of a moderately sized independent eye bank, I’ve faced the impact of bank consolidation, and our latest challenge from the current pandemic

Prior Service
  • Member, Medical Advisory Board (2014-current)
  • Member, Technician Education Committee (2006-2008)
  • Member, Consitution and Bylaws Committee (2012-current)
  • Member, EBAA Board of Directors (2016-2017)
  • Member, Accreditation Board (2018-current)
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