Accreditation Campaign Materials

Accreditation campaign resources for eye banks

EBAA’s groundbreaking campaign in support of the EBAA-Accreditation program, has reached over 2,000 ophthalmologists through email, Facebook and LinkedIn, ensuring that they understand and appreciate the value of EBAA Accreditation. As a result, our “Safety First. Innovation Always.” theme has been seen by physicians thousands of times, and has become closely associated with our accredited eye banks.

As the next step in this campaign, EBAA wanted to provide tangible resources to our member eye banks that will allow you to take a more active role in highlighting the importance of being an EBAA-Accredited eye bank. EBAA has developed a line of products and resources you can include with your tissue and share with your surgeons, to further cement that connection in their minds.


Stickers – .75 x 1.5 inches
Small stickers with the logo to use on tissue packaging.




A reusable mask with the logo on the side.



Everyone loves a pen!



Stickers – 1.5 x 3 inches
Larger stickers with the logo to use on the outside of your shipping boxes.




Packing Tape
Tape to seal the tissue shipping boxes with the “Safety First. Innovation Always” logo front and center.




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certificate of authenticity

An additional resource that EBAA-Accredited eye banks can use to certify the tissue provided to surgeons comes from an accredited eye bank is the Certificate of Authenticity. The certificate can be downloaded below and can be used with every tissue. Personalize it with your bank’s identity by inserting your logo at the top and your accreditation number.  If you choose, you can add the tissue ID number, although this is optional.

EBAA logos

There are a number of logos that you can add to your documents, website, or social media platforms. Logos that indicate the specific functions for which your eye bank is accredited are available upon request. Please contact Jennifer DeMatteo to receive the appropriate logo.