2020 Board of Directors Election Procedures

Election Procedures

The Governance Committee announced the slate of candidates for election to the 2020-2021 EBAA Board of Directors. Elections take place during the House of Delegates (HOD) meeting.

Because the HOD meeting is being held online, voting will be conducted using SurveyMonkey. Every eye bank CEO will be issued a unique voting key that confirms their identity and the number of votes allocated to that eye bank. This voting key must be entered to permit the eye bank to vote.

Bylaws Amendment
Before voting on candidates, the HOD will vote on a bylaws amendment. If approved, this change to the bylaws will permit candidates for the Board to be elected with a plurality of votes, rather than a majority.  This will eliminate run-off voting.

Candidate Elections
The first vote is for Speaker of the House, which is administered on a one vote per bank basis. All eye banks, including unaccredited banks, may vote for Speaker of the House. Votes are then held for Chair-Elect, Secretary/Treasurer and At-Large Directors. Only accredited members may vote for these positions; votes have been allocated as follows:


Eye Bank  Votes
Eversight 7.30
SightLife 6.67
Lions Eye Institute for Transplant & Research 4.51
Miracles in Sight 4.02
Lions VisionGift 3.29
Saving Sight 3.18
Advancing Sight Network 3.18
Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank 3.07
Georgia Eye Bank 2.97
VisionFirst 2.90
Lions Gift of Sight 2.64
The Eye-Bank for Sight Restoration, Inc. 2.42
UT Southwestern Transplant Services Center Lions Eye Bank 2.38
San Antonio Eye Bank/CorneaGen-San Antonio 2.37
Iowa Lions Eye Bank 2.24
Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin 2.24
San Diego Eye Bank 2.23
Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley 2.04
Nevada Donor Network 2.03
Lions Eye Bank of West Central Ohio 1.97
Donor Network of Arizona 1.96
Florida Lions Eye Bank 1.94
Utah Lions Eye Bank 1.91
Kentucky Lions Eye Bank 1.90
Mid-America Transplant 1.84
Sierra Donor Services Eye Bank 1.78
Center for Organ Recovery & Education 1.77
Lions Medical Eye Bank & Research Center of Eastern Virginia 1.76
Southern Eye Bank 1.75
Old Dominion Eye Foundation 1.74
Dakota Lions Sight & Health 1.70
Cincinnati Eye Bank for Sight Restoration 1.68
OneLegacy 1.67
Sight Society of Northeastern New York 1.67
Central Ohio Lions Eye Bank 1.66
East Tennessee Lions Eye Bank 1.60
New England Donor Services 1.59
Lions Eye Bank of Texas at Baylor College of Medicine 1.58
ConnectLife 1.55
Kansas Eye Bank and Cornea Research Center 1.53
Gift of Life Donor Program Eye Bank 1.50
Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank 1.49
Lone Star Lions Eye Bank 1.46
Arkansas Lions Eye Bank & Laboratory 1.45
Lions Eye Bank for Long Island 1.42
New Mexico Lions Eye Bank/CorneaGen – Albuquerque 1.39
Mississippi Lions Eye Bank 1.38
Medical Eye Bank of West Virginia 1.38
Mid-South Eye Bank for Sight Restoration 1.34
Lions Eye Bank of Nebraska 1.33
Lifeshare Carolinas 1.32
Lions Eye Bank of Puerto Rico 1.28
Baton Rouge Regional Eye Bank 1.28
Great Plains Lions Eye Bank 1.23
Lifeline of Ohio 1.23
Lions Eye Bank of NW PA 1.22
Western Texas Lions Eye Bank Alliance 1.21
Hawaii Lions Eye Bank & Makana Foundation 1.18
Restore Sight International 1.18
Eye Bank of British Columbia 1.08
Eye Bank of Canada-Ontario Division 1.08
Lions Eye Bank 1.08
Misericordia Eye Bank 1.08
New Brunswick Organ and Tissue Program 1.08
Regional Tissue Bank 1.08
Unaccredited Eye Banks
California Transplant Services 1.00
Donor Network West 1.00
Envision 1.00
Fort Worth Eye Bank 1.00
Lifebanc 1.00
LifeSource 1.00
nitrans International Eye Bank – Rotterdam 1.00
Cornea Center & Eye Bank – Chiba 1.00
Daqing Eye Bank 1.00
Hornhautbank – Munich 1.00
Hospital Authority Eye Bank – Hong Kong 1.00
King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital – Riyadh 1.00
Lions Eye Bank of Saskatchewan 1.00