2018 Board of Directors Election Procedures

The Nominating Committee has announced the 2018 EBAA Board of Directors Slate.

Elections will take place during the House of Delegates (HOD) meeting, Friday, June 8 during the EBAA Annual Meeting. Candidates will be given two minutes to present his/her credentials to the House of Delegates prior to voting.

New to this year’s process, the first vote taken will be for Speaker of the House, which is administered on a one vote per bank basis; beginning in 2019, this will take place in the deliberative portion of the HOD meeting. All eye banks, including unaccredited banks, may vote for Speaker of the House.

Votes will then be held for Chair-Elect, followed by Secretary/Treasurer and then At-Large Members. Only accredited members may vote for these positions and votes will be allocated as follows:

Vote Allocation by Eye Bank

The EBAA Board of Directors voted in February to disclose the number of votes held by each eye bank; this is intended to increase transparency and give candidates a better understanding of the distribution of votes in the House.

Vote Allocation – 2018 EBAA House of Delegates

Multiple Candidates from One Eye Bank

Following the governance restructuring last year, the bylaws were amended to permit only one individual from a given eye bank to serve on the Board at a time:

4.3     Multiple Board Members from a Single Eye Bank: Each eye bank or group of eye banks, as defined in Section 3.2, through their employees, consultants or volunteer leaders, shall hold no more than one (1) position on the Board of Directors. Should an eye bank or group of eye banks hold more than one Board position, whether through acquisition, merger or change of employment, one or more Board members affiliated with the eye bank must resign their positions until that bank holds just one position. The EBAA Board of Directors will consult with the member’s CEO to determine which Board member shall serve on the Board.

In cases where there are two candidates from an eye bank, the eye bank will designate which individual will remain on the Board, and which one will decline prior to elections.

These designations currently stand as follows and will be confirmed leading up to the House of Delegates meeting:

  1. Lions Medical Eye Bank of Eastern Virginia: If elected Speaker of the House, Dave Korroch would remain and Brian Philippy would withdraw from the At-Large election
  2. Dakota Lions Sight and Health: If elected Speaker of the House, Marcy Dimond would remain and Beverly Lush would withdraw from the Secretary-Treasurer election
  3. Miracles in Sight: If elected, Gay Wilson would remain and Dean Vavra would withdraw from the At-Large election