Governance Transformation

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In response to the dramatic changes affecting the eye banking profession, the EBAA Board of Directors approved a plan to make the association’s governance structure more strategic, more representative, and more engaging for our members. As a result, the Board will be smaller, will attract candidates whose skills best fit emerging issues and will prioritize longer-term strategic discussions over administrative issues. Similarly, the House of Delegates (HOD) will assume a more active and deliberative function with a new vote allocation formula.

Transformation Overview Frequently Asked Questions
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Five Areas of Transformation

Increased Strategic Focus

The Board will dedicate the majority of its time considering strategic issues of importance to the profession. Board meetings will be notable for their open, honest and thorough discussion of the topics that will have the greatest impact on eye banks and corneal surgeons.

Streamlined Board Structure

The Board will be comprised of 11 voting members; its smaller size will foster more active discussions. Nominations will be sought according to agreed-upon skills and attributes, determined by the issues expected to impact the profession in the coming years. We will strive to run at least two candidates for every open position.

Improved Board Operations

Board positions will have clearly defined responsibilities and expectations. All Board members will participate in on-going orientation and training sessions, and a Board Governance Committee will be formed to monitor its functioning.

Fully Engaged House of Delegates

The HOD will assume a more advisory role for the Board of Directors; a segment of its meeting will be dedicated to open discussion of strategic issues chosen by HOD representatives. A new position (Speaker of the House) on the Board of Directors will be created to serve as a liaison between the Board and the members.

More Equitable Member Representation

Vote allocation in the HOD will be modified to narrow the gap between the largest and smallest banks, and some issues will be determined on a one bank/one vote basis. The Board of Directors will actively seek candidates with diverse experience, backgrounds, perspectives, and demographics.