National Eye Donor Month


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National Eye Donor Month 2016
Celebrating the Gift of Sight

For 33 years, EBAA and its member eye banks have utilized National Eye Donor Month to raise eye donation awareness, honor donors and their families and celebrate cornea recipients. The invaluable efforts of eye banks and corneal surgeons to restore sight worldwide are also highlighted.

President Ronald Reagan proclaimed the first National Eye Donor Month; every year since then, a member of Congress has read a proclamation emphasizing the importance of cornea donation on EBAA’s behalf.

This year, Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) sponsored National Eye Donor Month. Please check below to view his proclamation.

EBAA offers a variety of materials to support the various events, activities and programs members sponsor in honor of National Eye Donor Month.

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Press Releases

Educational Materials

EBAA also uses Facebook and Twitter (as seen in the “News Feed” on our homepage) to spread the word about the effects of eye donation and cornea transplantation. In addition to the visual and educational tools, EBAA offers a public service announcement by request featuring John Green, father of 2011 Tucson shooting victim, Christina-Taylor Green. As a result of Mr. and Mrs. Green’s selfless decision to donate Christina-Taylor’s corneas, sight was restored to two young children.

“Through My Eyes” Art Contest Winners Announced!

EBAA established the “Through My Eyes” Art contest to give cornea recipients and donor family members the chance to share their experience of receiving sight or giving sight through their loved one using art (drawings, photographs, videos) or written compositions. Click here to see the winning entries.

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